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Brewery dispensing systems


Unique Products = Unique Dispense System Needs

Whether dispensing from kegs, casks (firkins), or serving vessels (brite tanks) each brewery has its own style and thus, requirements for its  dispensing system. 

Independent Draught Services LLC can consult, design, and install a dispensing system that meets the business goals and maintains the brewer's vision for high quality, flavorful draught beer. 

System Expansions

Starting small and growing consistently is a tenant of the local brewery revolution. This often means a limited number of products in the beginning and a righ- sized draught system. In some cases, an existing draught system can be "expanded" to offer additional products without a major refit of the system. 

Independent Draught Services LLC has the experience to help determine whether the system can be modified to increase the number of offerings. 

Draught Line Cleaning Systems

Independent Draught Services LLC can help design, source, install, and commission a clean-in-place pumping system to recirculate cleaning chemicals for the draught system. Re-circulation cleaning, done correctly, can help to maximize the life of the dispense system  in addition to saving precious time for other brewing operations all while maintaining the brewers focus on creating and serving high quality beer.

Serving Vessels

To use pure gas (CO2), mixed gas (CO2+N2), or a pump? That is often the question for breweries serving from larger vessels. Because of manufacturing limitations, serving from large beer vessels, whether glycol-cooled (jacketed) or single-walled and in a cold-room provides a challenging dispensing situation for many breweries. This problem can be compounded when using a mixture of kegs and vessels and/ or trying to dispense to multiple serving stations on different floors. 

Seem familiar?  Independent Draught Services LLC can help. 

Draught Line Replacement

Do you have PVC beer lines that are older than one -year? Have you considered upgrading to barrier tubing?  Need a new trunk line? 

Independent Draught Services LLC can work for you or, with your team to accomplish draft system overhauls without creating downtime for your taproom. 

Service & Training

Many components of a draught system need routine maintenance beyond the normal cleaning cycle. Keg couplers, FOBs, glycol chillers, and the gas supply system should be checked and serviced at regular intervals to ensure that the beer is served as optimally as possible. Thus reducing waste and increasing the bottom line of the brewery. 

Independent Draught Services LLC  provides regular maintenance services or can train cellar staff how to maintain the equipment themselves.