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Creating modern draught (pronounced draft) beverage dispensing solutions for Montana, Northern Idaho, and Wyoming.

General Services

Commercial Consulting & Design

Thinking about opening a brewery, bar, coffee shop, restaurant, or adding specialty keg beverages to your menu? Don't know where to start or  what it may cost? 

Independent Draught Services LLC works with you to meet your business goals and helps to save precious resources during the design and construction  phases of your project.  


 Want to have your draught beverage system installed by a professional? 

Independent Draught Services LLC can install your draught beverage system using modern materials and techniques to ensure successful dispensing of your draught beverage products.

Field Service & Troubleshooting

 Do you have problems pouring your draught beverage products with an existing system? 

Rely on Independent Draught Services LLC's experience to help you solve the problem and get the results you desire. 


Parts & Equipment

 Looking for parts for an existing system? Need to upgrade from an older piece of equipment? 

Allow Independent Draught Services LLC (IDS) to help you find the item that meets your needs. IDS works with several major manufacturers of draught equipment for breweries, bars, and restaurants.


 Always wanted draught beverage products at home? 

Independent Draught Services LLC can help you find, create, or modify a home system to suit your needs and show you how to take care of it for years of reliable service. 


 Indpendent Draught Services LLC designs,  installs, troubleshoots, retrofits, services, and optimizes the following types of existing and new draught beverage dispensing systems. 

  • Beer
    • Keg beer systems. 
      • Direct draw (kegerator/kegbox). 
      • Air cooled (long draw/remote).
      • Glycol cooled (long draw/remote).
    • Brewery serving  systems including combination keg, jacketed, and non-jacketed brite beer tanks and serving vessels.
  • Wine 
    • Direct Draw (kegerator/kegbox)
    • Glycol cooled (long draw/remote)
  • Coffee
    • Cold Brew
    • Nitrogenated
  • Kombucha
    • Direct Draw (kegerator/kegbox)
    • Glycol cooled (long draw/remote)
  • Carbonated Water
  • Soda (Pre-Mix)

Have something else you want to pour from a keg or tank, please call or email to learn about the possibilities.

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