Independent Draught Services LLC

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Bars & Restaurants



Want to make your signature cocktail recipe in bulk, add flare, and reduce service time? Consider draught cocktails as fun and profitable addition to your menu. 

Independent Draught Services LLC has the expertise to help make your mixes into reality. 


Draught wine continues to grow popularity as an additional, easy to serve offering or, as an alternative to traditional packaging.  A properly designed draught wine system will  meet your business needs for years to come. 


Draught beer is a staple in many bars and restaurants. If dispensed by a appropriately designed, installed, and maintained draught system the yield from each keg will be maximized while meeting customers' expectations for quality and flavor.   

Water Systems

Looking for a non-alcoholic, non-soda alternative? Interested in making your own flavored sparkling water?

Equipment packages exist for specialty water systems, Independent Draught Services LLC can source and install a system that works for you. 

Draught System Services

Independent Draught Services LLC offers a  variety of services to bars & restaurants.

  • New draught system design.
  • New draught system installation. 
  • Draught line replacement for PVC lines (annual).
  • Trunk-line (python) replacement for older poly or barrier line (long-draw/remote systems). 
  • Glycol chiller service, overhaul, and repair (annual or as needed). 
  • Repair/replacement of system components.
  • Training. 
  • Consulting by appointment, in person, by telephone, or via internet. 
  • Troubleshooting. 
  • Limited emergency service.